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The original Chinese subsidiary of HHBT was founded in 1989 and was engaged in real estate development, leasing and management. The company decided to transform its business focus with new planning in 2015.

China has a long historical tradition in which medicine and food share the same origin and people in China have great demand for health care products. In the report “From insight to action: Capturing a share of china’s consumer health market” published by US Boston Consulting Group (BCG): Chinese consumers are the world’s most health conscious. This is mainly due to the Chinese long-term focus on health as well as the existing development environment in China. By 2020, China’s gross product in the specialized health industry is expected to reach RMB 8.5 trillion, while the general gross product in the health industry is expected to reach RMB 17 trillion.

In 2015, HHBT began to transform its main business to focus on the development and production of macadamia and perilla related products as the company believes in the strong growth opportunities associated with these two plants and their significant effect on preventing cardio-cerebrovascular diseases and Alzheimers. Through biotechnology R&D investment in the green healthy food, the Company plans to shift into a healthy food company that engaged in macadamia and perilla plantation, R&D, production and marketing.