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Research and development of Macadamia and Perilla is a high-tech process. In April 2015, the Company made investments in Japan, the leading nation in R&D and production of healthy food, medicine and cosmetics, and established Panacea Co., Ltd., which is engaged in the R&D of purification of macadamia nuts and perilla plants.  Panacea Co., Ltd now owns two product lines: food oil as a health supplement and green juice enzyme through processing and purifying of perilla seeds, which can be used as a supplement for tumors and Alzheimers disease treatment according to studies. This product entered the Chinese market in January 2016.

The company plans to establish an R&D center in its China headquarters in Shenyang. the company is planning to hire a team of experienced experts in the fields of biotechnological R&D and intends to collaborate with domestic and international organizations to jointly transform research and development results into products.

【macadamia R&D area】

【perilla R&D area】