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Company Background: HH Biotechnology Holdings Company (OTC: HHBT) was listed on the OTC in 2005. Historically, the Company was engaged in the real estate development and property leasing and management in mainland China . In recent years, the Company repositioned itself and entered the healthy living industry, aiming to build an entity that develops, produces and markets high-quality healthy food, supplements, medicine and cosmetics made from  raw materials from the Company's- own plantation and other strictly-selected suppliers. HH Biotech is placing significant product research and development efforts on macadamia nuts, with the goal of capitaling on the growth trends associated with China's green health industry, bio-science and technology.
Macadamia Nuts: In May 2016, HH Biotech entered into an equity investment agreement with Jiangcheng Sino-Australia Agriculture Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd (“SAAT”), a leading macadamia nut planting company in Yunnan province, resulting in an 11.12% ownership of the total share capital of SAAT. Founded in 2014, SAAT now owns the largest continuous macadamia nut monomer plantation base in the world, with the ability to cultivate over 4,000 acres of land.
HH Biotech plans to further develop and expand the agricultural lands for Macadamia planting in the Southwest region of China, aiming to become one of the largest macadamia nut suppliers in the world. The Company's goal is to construct three macadamia nut production facilities to maximize total shell fruit processing capacity at each facility. Upon completion of these three facilities, HH Biotech would have multiple product lines with an estimated 10,000 tons nuts (oil & pulp) processing capacity. HH Biotech also works closely with its Japanese counterparts in biotechnology to develop healthy food products, organic foods and nutraceuticals from macadamia.
Perilla: Jidong county in Hei Longjiang province, China is a fine and good region for perilla planting, the company plans to complete an area of 1647.4 acres perilla planting in 2017, and increase the planting area to over 4942.3 acres in 2018, and make an investment in building factory for the production of perilla related products. The company plans to establish HH Biotechnology (China) Co., Ltd in China, and complete the establishment of biotechnology R&D as a fully completed product transformation center.
President Building: President Building: As one of HH Biotech's major real estate projects, the President Building is a modern office building developed in accordance with international standards. The building is located in the central area in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province of China, and adjacent to governmental agencies, offices, and banks. The building covers an area of 8,126 square meters, and the construction area is 77,000 square meters. As of June 30, 2016, the net asset value of the President Building was $28.5 million, which equates to approximately $2.03 per share. As early as 2008, the net asset value from an asset appraisal by a qualified real estate assessment authority increased by $80 million, with a $5.75 increase in the net asset value per share. Taking the appraisal value into account, the net asset value per share is approximately $7.79 per share, which can provide strong financial support for the Company's future development in the healthy living industry.
HH Biotech focuses on the healthy living industry, with green planting technology and product research and development as its core value, to provide safe and high-quality healthy food, supplements, medicine and cosmetics to the world. We firmly believe that longevity can be achieved through science and technology.